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Yes, indeed! Beloud gives artists a platform where they can directly sell their music, merchandising, special events ... whatever they want at the price they choose!
When you buy in Beloud, the artist immediately receives the income associated with the sale and all the data of your order to send it to you as soon as possible.
You have two ways to find your favorite artists, the easiest is to use the search engine at the top of the website. You have two ways to find your favorite artists, the easiest is to use the search engine at the top of the website. Another method to find your artists is by using the gender filters that appear on the home page. Another method to find your artists is by using the gender filters that appear on the home page.
Creating a profile in Beloud and starting to sell is completely free for artists. If you do not find an artist it is because it is not yet in Beloud. Send him a message here and invite him to join!! 
Whenever you make a purchase you receive the information directly to download the song or album in your email. If you are not a registered user in Beloud, the download link will be of a single use. On the other hand, if you are a registered user (registration is completely free) you will always have available the download links of your purchases in your admin area. You can register at any time and in your user admin area you will find all the orders you have made with your email. If you want to register click here
You can do the downloads in .wav which is an uncompressed format or in high quality MP3 format.
Any digital song or album purchased by mistake can be returned or refunded, provided it has not been downloaded and within a maximum period of 14 calendar days. After the download, it is no longer possible to return or refund. If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact us at cs@beloud.co
When you download a album from Beloud, it will be presented as a .zip file, and you will need a decompression program such as Winzip, Windows or Extender for Mac.
To add music to iTunes, run the program, and then select File> Add to Library
To add music to Windows Media Player, you can do either of the following:
  • Select audio files, click the right mouse button and select Add to Windows Media Player List.
  • Select and drag the audio file into the Windows Media Player window (if this does not work, try to repeat the operation, but first make sure the "Library" tab is active in the Windows Media Player).
Here's the procedure to download it directly from Beloud to your Android phone:
  1. Download the Beloud zip file
  2. Unzip the document in your Music folder
  3. Rescan music from your Music folder
  4. Open the music app on your terminal and listen to your songs.

This works for most people, but in case you have not solved your problem, here we leave you the solution to some of the most common problems.

Install a decompression appIf you've downloaded an album, you'll need an app that knows what to do with a .zip file (separate songs are downloaded directly as audio files). Try a free app like any of these EasyUnrar, Unzip & Zip, or some more advanced ones like ES File Explorer and ASTRO.
If you do not have an app installed that can recognize and unzip the .ziptu files, terminal will usually refuse to complete the download process.

Download a format that you can play
You may not need to say anything about it, but make sure you have an app that can play the format of the downloaded file. If you are not sure you have it, download the standard MP3 option.

Unzip the disc in your music or media folder
The music you download from Beloud usually goes directly to the download folder inside your devices, and you will want to move them to the Music folder, which will probably be in / sdcard / Music. You must specify the folder where the file will be unzipped or unzipped once you have moved it to the destination folder.

Search audio files again so your music will show
To make your new album appear in the music player, you will have to rescan or search the Media folder again. There are a few free apps that will allow you to do exactly this, we have used Rescan Media.

Help us Help you!
If you are looking on this page and you think "that's not how my cell phone works!" Send us an email to cs@belud.co with corrections, ideas and suggestions related to Android downloads. It will be very useful for the whole community.
Try to stop the download, and click again on the download link that Beloud sent you to your email (if you are on a wifi connection, try connecting the computer to the internet through an Ethernet cable directly). If the download returns to a standstill, or the speed is very low, it could be the firewall, some Internet security tool or antivirus. Temporarily unplug it and try again.
If this does not help (or directly if it is not the problem), try downloading the files using another internet connection. Some ISPs reduce the speeds of large file downloads. And Beloud downloads, especially downloads from uncompressed disks like .wav files could be large. If you have tried to download these types of files and you have not been able to download it, try downloading it in a more compact format, which still maintains great quality as would be the MP3.
… I get an error message
... I get a message saying that the .zip file is empty
... You ask me to enter a password
... Some of the songs have disappeared.

All these errors come from the same problem: the file you downloaded is incomplete, probably due to some error in the server or in the internet connection. The solution is to try to download the album again (you can access the download link from your email, or if you are a registered user of Beloud from your orders on the user admin area). Downloading full albums can be a big thing, so if you're connected via wifi, try connecting with an Ethernet cable.
If after the re-download you have not had better luck or it seems that the files are fine but they do not work well. The next question is, are you using an older version of Windows? In this case, there may be some other complicated thing that is sabotaging the decompression program you are using:
An album with a long name or the name of the songs could be a problem. To try to fix this, move the .zip file to a location on your hard drive such as C: / Temp, rename it with a short name and unzip it there. Once the files have been unzipped correctly, rename them using simple titles (such as track 1.mp3) and then move them wherever you need to be able to import them to your music player.
Unusual characters and punctuation marks can cause your decompressor to malfunction. Change the name of the .zip file to something simpler without dots, bars, spaces, tildes, etc ... and tries to decompress again. If this does not work maybe you should use another decompression tool (such as 7-zip or Zipeg) that supports better special characters.
No problem, just click on the download link you have received, choose the format you really wanted and download it again. This only works if you are a registered user of Beloud, in case you are not the download links are for single use, but don't worry, create your account here totally free and you will see all the orders you have made using your address email
If you're using Windows, start by looking at my downloads and then my music. If your download is not there, try to download it again from the mail with the download link or through your account in Beloud if you are a registered user. If you are not registered user register here to have access all your downloads whenever you want totally free. In any case, when you are going to download next time:
1) click save (not open)
2) in the dialog box that appears, select a location for the file, but remember to note the folder where you are saving it.
The methods of payment that are accepted in the purchases of physical products, are those chosen by the artist. It will always be possible to make the payment by credit card or with PayPal and the artist can decide whether to activate the payment by bank transfer or not.
For digital products, the payment must be made with a credit card or using PayPal.
PayPal is the simplest, fastest and safest way to make your purchases online. You do not have to be registered with PayPal before placing your order to use this service. In the same process of your order, when choosing as payment method PayPal, you will be automatically connected with this service. Once there, you can easily register and connect your PayPal account with your credit card or with your bank account. The data will only be stored in PayPal so that in your next purchases you do not have to enter them again, which makes your purchase much faster and safer.
Credit card payment is a simple, safe and quick way to make your purchases. The payment process will be done through PayPal, which offers you high data protection, and an easy way to make your payments. PayPal needs some of your personal information in order to send you a complete receipt of the purchase. Uncheck this box if you don't want to be registered in PayPal To pay you need a valid credit card. Enter your credit card number in the box reserved for it. To verify it also provides the security number "CVV" that appears in the obverse of the card (three numbers). Credit card Finally confirm the payment so that the process is completed and your products are shipped.
Once you finish your order, a screen with all the necessary data to make the bank transfer to the artist will appear. Simultaneously, you will receive an email with the necessary information to make the transfer and the detail of the order.
In the user admin area, in "My Orders” you can see the details of all your orders, including if the artist has already sent them to you. In the user admin area, in
1. The first thing to do is to make sure that you are outside the deadlines set by the artist for the shipping of its products. All artists have their shipping conditions and return procedures specified by them in their respective stores within Beloud. I have not received my order for merchandising or physical albums 2. One aspect to take into account is the period of time that the order is traveling to your address, please note that international orders for example can take up to 6 weeks.
3. Having said that, if your package should have arrived considering the above recommendations, it is best that you contact the artist directly to have an update of the status of the order.
4. Finally, if you have contacted the artist and you have not received an answer yet you can open a refund procedure with PayPal.
The PayPal Buyer Protection Period is 180 days from the date of sale. By opening this dispute, you put on notice to PayPal that there is a lost order, and you will surely receive the package or a refund of your money. To open this dispute:
  1. Sign in to your PayPal account at https://www.paypal.com
  2. In the "More information about your account" section, click "Solve a problem" in the "Resolution Center".
  3. Click Report a problem.
  4. Select the payment (if it does not appear in the summary of the movements, you can extend the date range in the calendar and click on "Show").
  5. Select "Item Dispute".
  6. Click "Continue" and follow the instructions.

For more information go . here
Please send an email directly to the artist, the artist's data is in his profile within Beloud. Do not forget to mention your name, the item you purchased and the order ID (you will find it in the proof of purchase sent by Beloud to your mail or in your user admin area in "My orders”). If you want to change your shipping address and you have not placed the order, enter your Beloud admin area and edit your address. I need to update my shipping address and I already processed the order I need to update my shipping address and I already processed the order
If you need to change anything in your order, you have to contact the artist directly. You will find the information necessary to get in touch with him on the artist page within Beloud. But it is important that you keep in mind that it may not be possible to change your order once it has been made.
In this case contact the artist directly to arrange a change or refund of the amount. You will find information about the artist's data in his profile and information about his return policy. The item I received is damaged or incorrect..
You may have made these orders using different email addresses.
Yes. If you already have an artist account, it automatically generates an account also as a buyer with the same user and password, you just have to log into the shop with your name and password to be able to buy. Https://beloud.co/shop/
On the contrary if you are already a buyer and then you want to have an artist account, you will have to do the registration process as an artist here: Https://adminartist.beloud.co/
The best thing you can do if you have doubts about the size you are going to buy is to ask the artist about the specifications of the clothes. The artists can tell you if your products carve a lot or little and it will help you choose. You have in the profile of the artist the information necessary to get in touch with him.
The artist defines the approximate deadlines for the shipments, pay attention to their conditions and if you have any doubts get in touch with the artist directly.
Whenever a physical item is sold, it is the artist who defines his terms and methods of shipping. So the shipping company and method selected will depend on each artist.
Each artist sends its orders, so it defines the shipping costs according to the country of destination and the article.
Each artist defines whether to send orders outside of their country of origin or not. And it sets the different shipping costs by geographical areas.
It is possible that in the new country in which you are, the artist has not enabled the sale of that product. The best thing to do is to get in touch with the artist and ask if there is any option to find what you want.
Each artist defines their return policies, deadlines and procedures. All this information is at your fingertips within the artist's profile at the bottom of its page. Each artist defines their return policies, deadlines and procedures. All this information is at your fingertips within the artist's profile at the bottom of its page.