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Of Shadows CD + In Your Hands EP - CD

Künstler: Fabrizio Cammarata
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Verkäufer: Fabrizio Cammarata

“Gloom, rebellion and elegance. An artistic celebration of bitter-sweet woe" INTRO (Germany)

”a wonderful tool for emotional enrichment” CLASH (UK)

“poetic texts, simple beauty, warm sincerity in his voice” LIVE ARENA (France)

“no stranger to the drama that life routinely throws at us all; the difference is, he has a unique talent for taking such passionate themes and fashioning them into stark, seductive tales that resonate across time … Few come close to conveying so much with so little but, live and on record, Cammarata is simply spellbinding” Derek Robertson for Europavox.com

“Of Shadows is a record of extreme sensibility“ Eduardo Guillot. Neo2 (Spain)

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 17/11/2017

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