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To’Ko comes from between green junipers and gentle breezes of sea, from limestone coasts and under the berries of the bog. Our instrumental music has influences from indie, post-rock, and experimental, which together with a crazy on-stage chemistry blends into a raving compote. The wild echo, mellow bass and vastly varying rhythms come all from the bottoms of our souls.

Guitarist Robin and drummer Alexander are strongly rooted Saaremaa boys who do not know the letter “Õ” and often scare away mainlanders with their island humor. Bassist Ats has grown up between the forests of Nõmme and is not a man without the joke gene either. As a trio, the winds of mainland and island combine and create unexampled vibrations that turn into unique emotions for everybody.

To’Ko started out in year 2015 with the name Triskele. We took part of the Noortebänd competion, where we didn’t fit into the final. Around the same time, a collective of sacred music contaced and accused us of stealing their name. Peacefully we decided to change the name and a bit later a new bassist join us too. In October 2016 we were chose to take part of the international band camp Sinusoid, where we took part of workshops, gave an intimate acustic home concert and heated up the stage of Sinilind. In 2017, we are again taking part of the Noortebänd competition.


Robin Mäetalu – guitar

Ats Tani – bass

Alexander Sannik – drums

Manager: Ronja Soopan +372 53406882 roonja@me.com

Genre: Alternative  Experimental  Rock 
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