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Features for artists

Professional profile

  • Complete free to set up. No monthly subscription or fee.
  • All your professional information. Make it easier for bookers, promoters and journalist to know you and to contact you.
  • Integrate all your social channels.
  • Get more gigs and presence in press.
  • Your videos, photos, social, biography, professional contacts, concert and festival list, similar artist listings in one area.
  • Responsive design – computer, tablet & mobile friendly.
  • Multiple language options.

Online Store

  • Free to set up and run the store.
  • No monthly fee.
  • No commitment.
  • Receive the backers contributions in your paypal or bank account as they happen.
  • We only take 10% commission on your sales.
  • One store for all your music and merchandise.
  • Sell your physical merchandising and digital music.
  • Manage your stock levels.
  • Sell VIP experiences or enhance your sales with a raffle.
  • Multiple currencies and payment methods.


  • Receive the backers contributions instantly.
  • More payment methods: credit card, paypal, or bank transfer (direct payment).
  • If you don´t achieve the goal of the campaign, you decide if you go ahead with your project or not
  • Sending your rewards correctly could be a complex process and it is crucial for your relationship with your fans. In Beloud it is integrated in your order management with specific features for crowdfunding.
  • Here our commission is very low, only 5% of what you collect.

Order management

  • Filter your orders by date and status (pending payment, pending delivery).
  • Get detailed information on each order.
  • Communicate directly with your fans from the order detail.
  • Keep your fans informed of their purchase status thanks to an automated mail service.
  • Know where your fans are; what they buy.


  • Sell VIP experiences or enhance your sales with a raffle.
  • You will have all your fans data.
  • Use promotions and new items to engage your fans.


  • Artists can accept/reject managers wishing to edit their profile, at any time.
  • Managers can handle several Artists directly from their account.