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Eldorado is an experienced Classic Rock band, full of artistic nuances that grew around stages from different countries and continents. In the last 3 years, the band has played 150 concerts, 64 in Spain, 33 in the Uk, 20 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and 15 in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Their music reminds the great bands of the golden Rock decades, but with a completely current proposal and an unmistakable personality; once you heard Eldorado you will always recognize the band. 

Eldorado just released their new album “Riding the Sun” in November 2016. It was recorded and mixed in August/September 2016 in Brazil Studios, known by their incredible sound recording in tape. The mastering has been in charge of Golden Mastering. The band has recorded the album live, capturing the essence of the vibe and magic of their 60-70s inspired music.

The precedent album was "Babylonia Haze". It was recorded in Madrid and produced by Richard Chycki (Rush , Dream Theater, Aerosmith ... ) and published in February 2015. It got great reviews, being selected by Rock Hard Germany as the best album in the underground section in April 2015.

In 2012 the band released "Antigravity Sound Machine" recorded in Toronto –Canada- and produced by Richard Chycki. The album won the Best Hard Rock / Metal Album 2012 award in the Spanish Independent Music Awards, the most acclaimed independent music awards in Spain. "Paranormal Tour" was "Recommended Tour" by Radio3, the National Public Radio in Spain.

"Golden" album made big waves on the hard rock scene in Spain and set off major ripples in Australia, Canada and the USA, where ‘Golden’ was voted Best Hard Rock / Metal Album Of 2010 (by the public) at the USA Independent Music Awards. Eldorado’s 2010 single, ‘The House Of The 7 Smokestacks’, was a finalist in the Australian MusicOz Awards, while another song, ‘Atlantico’ was a finalist in the International Songwriting Composition (ISC) Rock Composition category.

Manager: Natalia Talayero - natalia[@]dejamedecirte.es - Tlf: +(34) 678 639 987

Genre: Blues  Rock 
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