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 With over 400 gigs played in just four years of activity, España Circo Este represents a music caravan with a unique and original sound: is Latin Pop, Punk, Cumbia, Reggae… all in one word: TangoPunk

The band was born on 2013. At the end of the same year They released the E.P. IL BUCATESTA, printed several times without a distribution or official promotion but by over 100 gigs in Italy and Spain. 

"La Revolucion del Amor", their first full lenght, was released in January 2015. The album received excellent feedbacks both by the audience and the critics with several dates of the tour recording many sold outs in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic. 

In summer 2015 they played at the most important italian summer rock festivals, for two official support tours with Manu Chao and Gogol Bordello and many opening act to big artists like Dubioza Kolektiv, HeyMoonShaker and Shaggy

From march 2016 “La Revolucion Del Amor” it’s distributed in Germany and Holland too by Cargo Records and the band started for a new european tour by Patchanka Booking Agency (from Berlin): almost 50 gigs from March to September 2016 in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Holland and Belgium. They played at the Home Festival (Main Festival in Italy), Passpop Festival and Polé Polé Festival in Gent and Lowlands Festival

In September 2016 they signed for the new album with 3 new labels (Garrincha Dischi in Italy, Ventilador Music in Spain, Portugal and France, T3 Records in Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland) and 2 new booking agencies (Ventilador Music for Spain, France and Portugal and Boomerang Bookings in Netherlands). They’ll still work with Patchanka Booking Agency: from the 15th of march to the 4th of April 2017 España Circo Este gone in Germany for a new tour (17 gigs in 20 days). 

Their new album - SCIENZE DELLA MALEDUCAZIONE - was released in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland the 20th January 2017

From February to December 2017 the band played almost 100 gigs in some of the most important italian and european live clubs and summer rock festivals like the Weekeend Beach Festival of Malaga, the “Mercat de la Musica” of Vic (Barcelona), the Zwarte Cross in Holland and the Horizonte Festival in Germany. 

In October 2017 Espana Circo Este won the Italian Award for “Best National and International Tour 2017” at the Music Indipendent Meeting M.E.I. in Faenza. 

In December 2017 They record a special CD, sang in Spanish language that It will be distributed in 2018 in South America and produced by the several Latin Awards Winner Loris Ceroni

In this CD will partecipate even the famous Mexican singer Flor Amargo (over 25 millions views on youtube). 

From march 2018 Espana Circo Este will start a new World Tour: they was invited by USA Festival SXSW in Austin (Texas) and They will play over 50 gigs in Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Hungary. 

España Circo Este are: Marcelo (Voice, Guitar), Jimmy (Drums), Ponz (Bass Guitar, Voice), Don (Accordion, Violin) 

Manager: Gianluigi Potenza

Record label: Garrincha Dischi Italy / T3 Records Germany / Ventilador Music Spain

Booking agent: La Tempesta Concerti ITA / Patchanka Booking GER / Boomerang Booking NL / Ventilador Music SPA / Vlad Agency FRA

Publicist: Treid Agency

Genre: Alternative  Punk  World 
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