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Trippin the Life Fantastic! - CD

Artist: Kissmet
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Kissmet's fourth album, this truly captures the vibrancy, passion and power witnessed at the band's live performances.  With some of the strongest songs in the set and alongside crowds recorded at some of the band's best gigs, Kissmet has produced an album that can only be described as uplifting, positive to the core and undeniably Bhangra Rock Fusion.


Songs deal with issues of love, village life, arranged marriages, passion and pride but all delivered in a way that effortlessly cross musical plains and platforms, entwining languages and furtively dancing through cultural divides.  Kissmet has only one rule - that it HAS to be good, and this album has that ethos very close to heart.


A year in the making and using some of the best musicians the Singh Brothers have had the honour and pleasure working with, this is without doubt the best album to highlight the diversity and strength in depth that the band has to offer.  From the power of Whole lotta Nachna to the delicate Rainbow's Gold, from the passion in Why Oi to the message of undying love in Don't stand in my way, the off the wall ideas in Channa to the hidden messages in Heer, and the joy in the title track, Kissmet are proud to present - Trippin' the Life Fantastic.


It is what they do, who they are and where they aspire to be...



1 - Jaan

2 - Whole Lotta Nachna

3 - Why Oi!

4 - Trippin' the life fantastic!

5 - Heer

6 - Dodge the Rain

7 - Govinda

8 - Channa

9 - Don't stand in my way

10 - Rainbow's Gold

11 - I need your love



1  Jaan

A reworking of the title track on the Jaan album.


2   Whole lotta Nachna

Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love, done Punjabi style...


3  Why Oi!!!

Recorded live with crowds from various Kissmet gigs, this is the highlight of the live set.


4  Trippin' the life fantastic!

Does what it says on the tin.



A song about arranged marriages built around the line "Love is stronger than any band of gold...".  Also includes the song "Heer", by Lata Mangeshka in the film Heer Ranjha.


6  Dodge the Rain

Close your eyes and let Kissmet take you on a journey.  The destination is yours to choose but to set you off in the right direction, we like to call this song Dodge the Rain.


7  Govinda

Kissmet's version of the Kula Shaker classic.  Sang in ancient Sanskrit, it's one of the band's favourite songs.


8  Channa

Take Channa Kithe Guzariah and mix it with Cream's Sunshine of your Love.Amazing.


9  Don't stand in my way

Be sure to check out the video on Youtube.  Search for it, it's there.


10  Rainbow's Gold

A beautiful melodic song.


11  I need your love

This song is in 7/8, 4/4 and 3/4 time but sounds simple.  A fantastic end to the album.

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