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Destiny - CD

Artist: Kissmet
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This is Kissmet's first album - one which Ron and Buzz produced alone, before Kissmet the band was formed.  It was on the strength of this album that the brothers decided to go forth and start working with other musicians to create the Bhangra Rock Fusion sound that is Kissmet of today.


This album though is very different in style.  Whilst it still retains the inimitable style that Ron and Buzz have, with East and West touches all over, it cannot be described as rocky.  That incantation happened later in the Kissmet chronology.  This album is more Indian meets funk, RnB, hip hop, reggae and dance.


It may not be Bhangra Rock but it still is very definitely Kissmet and is a must for any die hard fan of the band.  If it wasn't for the strength of this album, Kissmet would not have happened and although these tracks are very different from the sound of now, one could argue that this may well be the sound of tomorrow...



1 - Just don't walk away

2 - Light of my life

3 - Why (did you let me fall in love)...?

4 - Jab Jab - Hindi version

5 - Catch the Sun

6 - My woman

7 - Best in me

8 - Jab jab - English version

9 - One day...



1  Just don't walk away

RnB infused, it has a hint of dance and hiphop.  Listen out for Nagin, the snake charmer's music, and the most famous Indian melody of all time.


2  Light of my life

Reggae with a big b line.


3  Why...?

A ballad about the perils of falling for the one, who isn't the one.


4  Jab Jab

Ron and Buzz's version of Jab Jab Bahare Aiye, originally performed by Mohammed  Rafi in the 1967 Hindi film - Taqdeer.


5  Catch the sun

A classic house track about the course love can take you on.


6  My woman

Acoustic ballad about...


7  Best in me

Funky track about the good things in me.


8  Jab Jab (English version)

An English version of Mohammed Rafi's famous track.


9   One day...

Beautifully haunting track about the possibilities presented in the hereafter.

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