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Duniya - CD

Artist: Kissmet
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Kissmet's 2nd album, recorded at the famous 'Planet Studios' in Coventry, this was the first official Kissmet release as the Bhangra Rock incarnation.  The brothers Singh decided to take one of the most famous Hindi film songs ever, Duniya keh Rakvaleh (meaning 'Keeper of the world'), performed by the most famous playback singer, Mohammed Rafi, and give it the Kissmet treatment.


Buzz delivers an incredible vocal performance, haunting, passionate, evocative of the original and aching with heartache.  Lyrics about how you can break down temples and places of worship, but these can be rebuilt again.  Yet, how can you rebuild a heart which is broken...?


Other tracks include Kissmet's first crack at Kula Shaker's 'Govinda', The Way - an Indianfied rock track with the lyric Mujeh chiyeh tera pyra, meri jaan (I need your love, my love) and Indian Summer, an uplifting song about the power of being with the right person and having a another, unexpected, chance.




1 - Duniya  - from Hindi film 'Baiju Bawra'

2 - The Way

3 - Govinda

4 - Indian Summer

5 - My Woman


This was Kissmet's first EP starting with Ron and Buzz's version of Mohammed Rafi's Duniya. 


1 - Duniya.  (Meaning 'World').  Mohammed Rafi was the most famous playback singer in the history of Bollywood and Duniya is his most acclaimed song.  Famous throughout the whole of the East as being a song of great power, depth and meaning, Kissmet have taken the song and redone it in their own inimitable style.


2 - The Way - a rock ballad infused with Hindi and English throughout.


3 - Govinda - Kissmet's first take on the Kula Shaker classic.  How we used to do it then...


4 - Indian summer.  A rock song doesn't sound as summery as this one. 


5 - My Woman - Acoustic ballad which remains a band firm favourite.



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