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Jaan - CD

Artist: Kissmet
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Kissmet third album, moving into a danceable version of Bhangra Rock Fusion now with Jaan, meaning 'Life', the title track.  It's a complete amalgamation of all things poppy.  It's Bhangra, hip hop, rock, ragas, Punjabi, English, everything all rolled into a great track. 


Other tracks include the Hare Krishna song taken from the 1971 Bollywood film Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, fused with the famous Blues Brothers riff.  This is firm favourite from the live set.


Challa, a hard core desi Bhangra track and Fool's Paradise just shows how versatile Kissmet can be, one being a dancable traditional Punjabi bhangra tune, the other being a soft acoustic ballad.



1 - Jaan

2 - Hare Krishna Hare Ram

3 - Challa

4 - Fool's Paradise


Kissmet's second EP, Jaan typifies all that Kissmet represents. 

1  Jaan (meaning Life)

A track which has verses in English and a strong Punjabi hookline in the chorus (Jaan hanieh thoo meri jind jaan hanieh - meaning "You are the love of my life...").


2  Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Mixed with the Peter Gunn Blues Brothers theme.


3  Challa

Based on the Gurdaas Maan classic, this is Kissmet's rocked out version of a Punjabi hit.


4  Fool's Paradise

Another track that doesn't see much action on the live front but this is an acoustic classic.  Recorded live at the BBC studios, Adil Ray called this version, "Superb!  Absolutely fantastic!"


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