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Extreme Black Metal! (Since 1996) // Armenia - Colombia // 



In 1996, Luciferian was founded in Armenia (Colombia).

In 1999 Luciferian recorded a promotional CD called "Place of Final Throne" which had good acceptance within the local metal scene.

In 2003 Luciferian was invited to play with MARDUK (Swe).

Between November 2004 and July 2005, Luciferian recorded the album "Supreme Infernal Legions". It was a success.

In 2006 Luciferian started its "Supreme Infernal Legions Tour 2006" in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina & Uruguay, The tour lasted 3 months. We played 26 shows and it was a big success. The first two shows we played alongside DARK FUNERAL (Swe) in Colombia and Peru.

In the 2007 was invited to play with INCANTATION (Usa), KRISIUN (Bra) and GORGOROTH (Nor).

In October 2008 released a single called "Dark", and starts the "Luciferian Perversion Tour" For South America, in a concert with the legendary band MAYHEM (Nor) in Quito- Ecuador, 18 shows in 2 months over Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

In 2009 was invited to play with NAER MATARON (Gre).

In 2010 was invited to play with NARGAROTH (Ger).

In 2011 was invited to play with CATTLE DECAPITATION(usa), IMMORTAL(Nor), and released new album in 2011, titled "I AM PERVERSE".

In 2012 We released a split CD produced by Mortis Humanae (France)

In March 2014 was invited to play in the Trondheim Metal Fest(Norway), Headlining the Black Stage.

In August, 2014, LUCIFERIAN was invited to the biggest open air festival in Latin America, "Festival Rock al Parque #20".


Manager: Europe: diego@maestromusic.se South America: luciferian_legions@hotmail.com

Record label: Satan´s Retaliation Prod.

Genre: Metal 
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