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The Blackout - CD

Artist: Morphium
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€10,00 EUR

1. The Incident 2. What Lies Behind Words 3. Victim of Your Shame 4. Made of Scars 5. Point of No Return 6. You’d Rather Be Blind 7. Away from Myself 8. All You Are 9. Mud for My Thirst 10. Blindfolded 11. El Final 12. The Blackout 12 tracks produced in Italy by Eugenio Fresco, mixed by Marco Barusso and mastered by Marco Dagostino. The launch of the LP is accompanied by a new music video of the single “What lies behind words” that quickly surpasses 37.000 views during the first few days and other thousands of reproductions in streaming from digital platforms. The Blackout is giving a lot to talk about, some of the specialised media have already named it one of the best releases of 2016. ¨A 10 out of 10 album, I can’t find words to deny this. A masterpiece” Trueno Metálico (http://truenometalico.com/morphium-the-blackout-critica/)

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