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Visceral and reflective, OSSIFIC was formed in 2011. The band set out to turn therapy into dissonant, melancholic and honest music. Bringing together dark and unnerving projections and a ritualistic live show, OSSIFIC displays a sincere and emotive narrative of personal tragedy through their art.

Coming from Canada, this trio have in their short career played over 70 live performances ranging from dozens of gigs with well known metal acts (Negura Bunget, Kampfar, Noctem, Dreariness, Razor, Sacrifice, Numenorean etc) to prominent Canadian Metal Festivals.  Their most recent tour took place in September-November 2016 in the format of a 60 day European Tour.


Manager: ossific.mb@gmail.com

Record label: Contact if interested

Booking agent: Trauma

Genre: Metal 
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