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Murmichan - Vinyl

Artist: Shooglenifty
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£20.00 GBP

Seller: Shooglenifty

Cheeky, impertinent but, at the end of the day, simply brilliant!Bright Young Folk

This 2009 release is an epic double album that features the Shoogles’ trademark funky sound, rooted in traditional music. The first disc is a live recording and the second features remixes by DJ Dolphin Boy and Quee MacArthur. Limited numbers available now on vinyl.

Track listing:

The Road to Bled | The Dancing Goose/The Green Nose | The Dotteral/Bill’s Zeimbekiko | The Ham in the Boiler Room/The First to Sleep | Cleiken The Deil/The Fulmar | The Vague Rant/Sandals and Boots | Glenfinnan Dawn | The Wing | Up All Night | Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station | First to Sleep | Johnny Cope | Would You Like an Olive, Wes? | Dolphin’s Delta Dotteral | The Road to Bled (Live)


Fiddle: Angus R. Grant | Banjo Garry Finlayson | Mandolin Luke Plumb | Guitar Malcolm Crosbie | Bass Quee Macarthur | Drums and percussion James Mackintosh



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