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(((Andres Orozco.- Guitar.)))
(((Gerardo Martinez.- Synths.)))
(((Balter Acisum.- Bass.)))
(((Rodrigo Rico.- Drums.)))
(((Hix.- Visuals.)))


 Originally from Guadalajara México (2000), this band has a history of 18 years who have built a name in the experimental stage both nationally and internationally, being recognized by publications like the British magazine WIRE and performing in Europe and the U.S. as exponents of Mexican contemporary experimental music. Besides, this set has been of utmost importance to the music scene during the two thousand Guadalajara, as some of its members have been a fundamental part of the legendary house of rehearsal & Studio / music collective 9Corners, which has trained groups as Drag + On, 3Colores, Descartes a Kant, SLZR, Cienfuegos, Chivo Negro which have brought much creativity in musical expression of the country from many different styles and genres. (Afterpop Magazine). °

Instrumental Quartet born in Guadalajara City on 2000, the line-up is made up of: Gerardo Martinez (Keyboards),Wallace (Bass), Andrés Orozco (Guitar), Rodrigo Rico (Drums).
Sutra's musical bet rests upon the fusion of styles and rythms heard in their begining years -all of its members being music lovers- and in psychedelics which plays an essential role in the combo sound along with the imagery that add majorly in live performances.
Atmospherical and faint landscapes cascading over a solid rythm, momentous passages reminscent of the big screen sound, dosified distortion in epical imaginary stories sprinkled with all-free jazz and a surprise facts as special guest. Years of experience have materialized in 6 recordings. Sutra (2000), Intencion (2004), En lo denso (2006), Reflejo (2009), Real (2013), Piramide (2017) inclusion in two compilations NACE: Nutritiva Compilacion from Eter Music (2005) with tracks "Arrecife" and "Aluminio Rojo"; Nine Corners: 9 Bandas, 9 Canciones (2006) with track "Reflejo" with was the precusor of the album of the same name recorded and produced by Armando Chong at his studio Máquina Sónica with distinguished trumpeter Chris Grady (The Grassy Knoll, The Residents, Tom Waitts, etc..). They have created original music for radio programs "La cuenta regresiva" (2005-2007) and "GenealogÌas" (2009) both broadcast by XHUG 104.3 FM Radio Universidad de Guadalajara and for the short films "Las tardes de Luisa" by Sofia Carrillo and "Sonambulo" by Oscar Alvarado, and the feature film "Otro tipo de musica" by Jose Gutierrez Razura.

Género: Experimental  Rock 
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