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Let It Ride (2017) - CD

Artista: The Grassland Sinners
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€9,90 EUR

Vendedor: The Grassland Sinners

This is the first studio album by The Grassland Sinners. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and iTunes. Released March 15, 2017.


German Magrazó - lead vocals. David Melguizo - electric guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals. Aleix Lozano - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Jordi Revilla - organ, piano, keyboards, backing vocals. David Mani - bass guitar, backing vocals. Edu Rodríguez - drums, backing vocals. Special Guest: María Fontana - backing vocals on “Mr. Cadillac”, “Evil Night” and “Workin Around”.

“Let It Ride” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Centre Molinet Studios (Barcelona, Spain) by Marc Ferrando between October and December 2016. Produced by Marc Ferrando and The Grassland Sinners. Disc artwork by Jalón de Aquiles.

All songs and lyrics by The Grassland Sinners.

Fecha de publicación: 15/03/2017

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