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Welcome to the cosy chaos! The Jooles celebrate pop’n’roll on the shag rug carpet. Sometimes loud, sometimes low – but always with heart and soul. Influenced by the pop, rock and soul music from the 60s and 70s and their countless revivals, the band around front singer Daria spotlights the one important thing: a good song. It’s about melodies, that you like to whistle in the metro. About lyrics, the listeners could identify with, as they remind them of an unfulfilled love, their own human weaknesses or of the last wild night at the club.

The music of The Jooles may everything therefore – dream sweetly, claim cockily and bear dirty secrets. In one moment, Daria appears as the nice girl next door, while just one minute later she wouldn’t raise doubts about who’s the queen of the night and lets the dancefloor burn. The pulse to it is beaten by Alex, Richie and Katharina, who – due to their diversified inspirations – variegate themselves through different musical stylistics, without losing the plot – according to their principle: „The city might be grey, but we are colourful today!“

Manager: Self-managed - contact@thejooles.com

Sello discográfico: Waterfall Records - alex@waterfallrecords.com

Booking agent: Hagen Siems (AMADIS) - hagen@amadis.net

Género: Pop 
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