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With their two much-lauded album releases and several tours and life performances, Neun Welten have been able to secure their place in the Dark Folk scene. Their music is imbued with references to nature and mystic worlds. Melancholic and mysterious, but also dynamic and intense moods characterise their songs’ atmosphere.

By now the band arrange their compositions with singing and electric instruments next to purely instrumental and acoustic ones. A diverse arsenal of instruments is being used such as strings, acoustic guitars, drums, synthesizers and piano. That's why Neun Welten guarantee a musical experience that is as varied as it is atmospheric: whether dark and driving or idyllic, forceful or mystical, Neun Welten succeed in carrying off their audience into their own magical world. The press speaks of “long forgotten secrets, magical and enchanted landscapes [...] that suddenly cross your mind while listening to Neun Welten’s second album” (Sonic Seducer).

Neun Welten create “music to earth yourself and to contemplate, with a suitable balance between melancholia and dynamics, between minimalism and bombast” (Der Hörspiegel). They “are playing with sounds, creating pictures before the mind’s eye, thus casting a spell over the listener” (heavy hardes). The LVZ summarizes: "Still amazing how many great melodies you can find in their compositions. "


Label discographique: Prophecy Productions

Type: Acoustic  Folk 
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