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FREI.WILD - Music phenomenon and counterculture

FREI.WILD - actually it is impossible to be unaware of them: they are the most successful german music newcomers, they are hated and loved at the same time, they sell out whole arenas, they get nominations for the „Echo“ and they walk off with the golden awards. At the same time they induces turbulent and rousing waves of protest.
Any question, it is not simple to comprehend the phenomenon FREI.WILD, it’s dimension reached an gigantic size in a to very short time. It is also difficult to find the right words for the success of the southtyrolean band although their songs speak a clear and direct language.

Just at the end of 2012, the band had concluded another sold out tour with the album „Feinde deiner Feinde“ (enemies of your enemies). There were about 100.000 people who had been visiting the concerts, and finally the album earned the golden record - the third one within only 12 months and just after two a half months from its publication.

Only about 10 years ago, a few boys from the „Südtiroler Eisacktal“ started doing music, just like they were, rooted to the soil, straight-forward and a little bit rebel. Simply like rock music is. As in Southtyrol the german etiquette - sometimes maybe a little bit jammed - is not very appreciated, and german texts are not considered so cool (except that they are completely artistically minded -  every kind von patriotism is taboo), FREI.WILD evolved just based on their own nature. Furthermore they had any A&R managers of important labels at their disposal, who would have been able to furnish them information about the performance, their image, ecc.

But it is exactly that’s why the news about the band spread like wildfire. The crowd got enthusiastic about the rough, self-confident and natural character of the band, and they flew in masses to the concerts. It was the unsophisticated atmosphere which involved and delighted the people, leaving perplexed at the same time the sectoral leaders. Rarely they had experienced such an ascent moving up from 0 to 100 without having adapted any marketings strategies, image plans or their channels.
There followed comparisons with the „Böhse Onkelz“, another band who had broken up just some time before, therefore FREI.WILD was kicked into a right-wing corner. It was a dimension which surpassed every kind of nightmare the band had ever imagined, nonetheless there had never been any actions or statements which would have justified this accusals.

Maybe it is just the price they have to pay for the band’s great and unconventional success: a band who sells more than 150.000 disks and sells out arenas of a 13.000  people capacity, all that without giving the music branch with its pretended A&R manager any chance to suck up a part.

On the contrary, FREI.WILD does exactly what sectoral experts would NOT have advised doing: this means a clear NO to music with german texts which are neither abstract and philosophical, nor artificial because this kind of german texts are considered as a dead stock. But FREI.WILD have any fear of contact with the german language. They formulate with it right what they mean and that is simply why they get so popular.

Scarcely you will find a concert visitor who does not know the texts. The people join in singing every song full-throated without making any mistakes, like as somebody would pronounce finally what everybody thinks. It seems that the band offers to everybody a valve to scream it finally out.
FREI.WILD includes young and old fans, punks, alternative characters, bikers, rockers and normal party lovers. But independent of how colored this fan community may be - all together they share something called counterculture.

It is a counterculture which is sickof the social etiquette and the performed normalized constructs of the music branch. Its protest consists simply in being yourself, have the courage to be just what you are. 

That is why violence and aggression do not make part of the FREI.WILD concerts. Rather they are a successful mix of punk, pop, rock, beer tent, hymn, party and singing lesson, simply a mix-up of all what humanity is made of.

During the last three years the number of audiences had doubled annually. 
FREI.WILD can be considered as the most actual of all music phenomenons and its singularity consists in fetching back an nearly lost normality. It is an alternative culture and its protest consists in the refusal of the artificial and abstract show business used todays’ days.


Philipp Burger (Gesang, 1. Gitarre)
Jochen "Zegga" Gargitter (Bass)
Jonas Notdurfter (Gitarre, 2. Stimme)
Christian "Föhre" Forer (Schlagzeug)

Etichetta discografica: Rookies Kings

Genere: Rock 
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