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Biography ISABEL URRUTIA (1967)

Her works have been premiered with international soloists of the Intercontemporain Ensemble, Orchestra of Paris, Philharmonic Orchestra of France Radio such as: Pierre Strauch, André Cazalet, Jean Geoffroy, Julien Guénebaut…and also with international ensembles such as: Arcema Ensemble/Paris, Arditti Quartet…

Her works have been performed in various concert halls and music festivals in Europe, America and Asia: in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, U.S.A, Russia, China...

She has given conferences and master classes on her music in various universities and conservatories, both in Europe and in America: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Chile…

She has won various national and international composition competitions with her orchestral works: The Spanish Association of Symphonic Orchestras Prize,(A.E.O.S.), “Grazyna Baciewicz” International Composition Competition of Poland…

Currently, she is a lecturer at the Higher School of Music of The Basque Country.

Further information: www.isabelurrutia.es


A French-Argentinian composer.

In receipt of a bursary from the French government he decided to settle in Paris, where he completed his training as a composer (1979-1985) with Ivo Malec for composition, Betsy Jolas for analysis and both Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel for electroacoustic techniques.

José Luis Campana has given masterclasses and seminars on music composition at the following institutions: Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Germany; IRCAM and GRM, Paris; Paris and Lyons Conservatories; ‘Franz Liszt Musikhochschule’, Weimar; ‘Mozarteum’, Salzburg; ‘Rencontres Franco-Allemands’, Bremen, Germany; Université de Orsay/Paris XI; Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires etc.

His works have premiered or been performed at prestigious contemporary music events such as: Festival of Donaueschingen (Germany); ‘Rencontres Franco-Allemands’ / Radio Bremen (Germany); Ensemble Intercontemporain, Espace de Projection (IRCAM); Nuova Consonanza, Roma; Royal Festival Hall, London; ‘Musica’, Strasburg; Mozarteum, Salzburg; WDR, Cologne; Verdi Festival / Parma; ‘‘Musiques Nouvelles’, Metz ; Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (Germany); Kunst-Museum, Bonn; festivals ‘Gaudeamus’ and ‘Ijsbreker’, Amsterdam; Alte Oper, Frankfurt (Germany); Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon; WMD (World Music Days), Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Zurich etc.

Biographies in other languajes on the websites: www.jlcampana.com / www.isabelurrutia.es

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Isabel Urrutia y José Luis Campana

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