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1 band : 3 basque singers and percussionist :Pierre, Xan and Jamixel.

1 language : Euskara (basque language) : the language of the traditional basque song, the language of the heart, their language.

1 music : Freedom to serve the essential. Simplicity, Elegance and Emotion.


From the first notes, the atmosphere is clear. The light, the simple scenery and all the attention is focused on the trio and its music. On a refined staging, Kalakan brings together auditors and musicians around music and the feelings that it provides.

Proud and respectful of the past, resolutely turned towards the future, these 3 Basque artists are involved into inscribing in the present the modernity of their millenary culture.
They perform a repertoire of songs from the 15th century to the present day, as well as their own compositions.

To put all this in “vibration”, in “emotion” and in “energy”, they use their voices and their drums but also all these traditional instruments with the esoteric consonances, and “contemporaries” for centuries, like: txalaparta, txirula, tobera , pandero, xilintx … and even an harmonium from India.

Manager: kalakantrio@gmail.com / +33 616 67 51 97

Pubblicista: kalakantrio@gmail.com / +33 616 67 51 97

Genere: Pop  Rock  World 
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