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The return to uncompromising thrash metal
Total Violence uses the sound and the frenetic energy straight from the peak time of the first thrash metal wave to raise thrash to a new level. With their fresh attitudes and the untamed live performance the band satisfies the old metal maniacs as well as the upcoming generation of thrash metal fans.

Brute force, sweat and blood
Total Violence sees themselves preferential as a live band. The mutual reaction between the band and the audience stands in the foreground.
Within many regions in Germany as well as abroad Total Violence played common shows with bands like Master, Suicidal Angels, Sinister, Nocturnal and many more. Along festival shows (e.g. Metal Bash 2013, Mosh im Mai 2013) tours followed among with Dust Bolt and others.

The statement - the debut - a total violent record
Nine tracks, including high speed thrashers like Disease, Disorder, Death and extra heavy songs such as Trapped In The Moment Of Death, won’t give you any time to breathe. Already an institution in German underground, keep this name in mind!


Biff - Guitar'n'Vocs
Minimee - Guitar
Johnson - Bass
Hansen - Drums

Genere: Metal 
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